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MSEA Graphic Binder

MSEA Graphic Binder is the premier developer tool for binding Johnson Controls Metasys graphics to control data points. It enables engineers and graphic developers to efficiently analyze, bind, and validate all types of JCI graphics. MSEA Graphic Binder is guaranteed to reduce errors, frustration, and time spend on every graphics project.


Analyze SCT databases with a customizable user-interface to quickly determine the number of systems, number of points, number of common templates, and other factors that will help you streamline graphic development.


Binding graphics for JCI control systems is a tedious process. But MSEA Graphic Binder provides tools for searching, sorting, grouping, and comparing graphic objects, systems, and databases that significantly speeds up the binding process.


Generate validation reports showing bound points, unbound points, and broken bindings. Correct errors and re-run reports to ensure that the highest quality graphics are delivered to your customer.



SCT Databases

Because databases are often changed as projects progress, MSEA Graphic Binder allows you to quickly compare an older project database with a new one to see what has been changed. You can group the results by deleted objects, new objects, etc., then export the results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Flexible Licensing


Graphic developers can purchase a monthly or annual subscription, or purchase on-demand licenses with variable term limits that align with specific graphic projects.


Try the full version of MSEA Graphic Binder for 30 days FREE!



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