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Events2HVAC™ pulls room schedules from room reservation systems and sends commands to heating and cooling systems, turning them on and off as appropriate based on schedules. By heating and cooling rooms only when they are being used, your facility can significantly reduce energy use and save money.

Events2HVAC can also control lighting and security (electronic door locks) based on scheduled events, saving your facility additional energy and labor expense. It is flexible and works with equipment from many HVAC, lighting and security vendors.

MSEA Binder

MSEA Graphic Binder is the premier developer tool for binding Johnson Controls Metasys® graphics to control data points. It enables engineers and graphic developers to efficiently analyze, bind, and validate all types of JCI graphics. MSEA Graphic Binder is guaranteed to reduce errors, frustration, and time spent on every graphics project.

The software consists of two major components: (1) a binder tool used to analyze and bind graphics to control points, and (2) a validation tool used to locate binding errors and unbound points. Used together in an iterative process as graphics are developed, these two components simplify and accelerate the graphic binding process.

Other Solutions

Additional solutions we have developed for our clients include:

  • Email Router is a Microsoft Windows® service that sends Johnson Controls MSEA® alarm messages to on-call email addresses. On-call addresses are assigned automatically from a rotating weekly schedule.

  • Energy Reports is a data logging and energy savings/reporting utility for JCI MSEA and PMI systems.  The application retrieves run-time information from building loads (e.g. AHU fans, pumps, etc.) and energy data from electrical, water, and natural gas meters. Data collected is stored in a database for reporting and analysis.

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